Collaborative automation

Collaborative automation

Collaborative robotics
Autonomous AGV robot
Collaborative power units

Collaborative robotics

Mechatronic modular system for the construction of robotic and handling equipment SpinBOT company spinbotics. This system enables the construction of articulated collaborative and service robots or collaborative handling equipment.

Collaborative robot with a seventh axis

As the only manufacturer, we bring you a collaborative workplace - a robot with a rotating collaborative table for direct work of the operator with the robot.

Collaborative robot for EX and ESD environments

Collaborative robots are ideally suited for environments that can pose health or other hazards to employees. This is, for example, an explosive atmosphere (EX) or an antistatic environment (ESD).

Collaborative robot in stainless steel design

Ideal for more aggressive environments or suitable for the food industry.

Collaborative positioning table

The rotary table can serve as a safe positioning mechanism for applications with industrial robots and the need for operator input, at the same time it is an ideal accessory for collaborative robotics and expanding the possibilities of this technology.

Autonomous AGV robot

Autonomous AGV robots represent an intelligent solution for fully automated transport. They are controlled by intelligent software and solve all tasks safely and efficiently.

Collaborative power units

Intelligent modular rotary actuators without gearbox series connection. By interconnecting the modules, one compact unit is created.

Industrial robot versus collaborative robot

Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, it is not easy to judge which is better in general better or worse. For an overview, we present the basic properties when considering the use:

Průmyslový robot

Collaborative robot

It is faster and has a greater range

The operator has the opportunity to enter the process

Can be used for heavy loads

Easier adjustment and setup

It must be used with security features that make the application more expensive

As a result, it is cheaper as a result

More demanding programming and adjustment

The safety of the tool and the object being handled must also be considered - often a major limitation


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