Interchangeable technologies for industrial robots

Interchangeable technologies for industrial robots

Multifunction industrial robot Unique docking system

For the possibilities of robotics, we offer another thing, namely the modification of a classic industrial robot into a multifunctional production center. This is possible thanks to the technology that we install with the robot (tool and dresspack sockets) and the part of the production cell where the required production technology can be connected.

Robot accessories

For fully automatic change of the required tool, resp. necessary technologies we use 2 technologies to change the tool and one to change the dresspack:

  1. Schunk tool changers for standard use
  2. Machine clamping cone systems for very precise use
  3. Patented clamping system for changing dresspack is hose packages / schlaufpacket.

Transport trolley for robotic technologies

Transport trolleys (docks) enable the transport of technology around the production hall between individual workplaces. As standard, it contains all elements of the technology (eg welding source and welding wire).

Docking station

Station for connecting a transport truck and technology. From the cart connected in this way, the robot is able to pick up or store a specific technology on its own.

New robotic manufacturing processes

One robot, more technologies

The docking station is intended for storage or deployment of production technology by a robot. We offer this technology where greater flexibility is needed from the robot, or are the standard of smaller production batches, resp. this technology allows you to use one robot for multiple purposes. The robot can drill one cycle and weld the next, for example.

Multiple robots, one technology

This system can also be used in areas where some technology is only needed suddenly or marginally - it can be types of hardware, such as spraying, grinding after welding, etc. At this point, we can robotize rework by having one necessary technology in the dock. and we will move it between production stations as needed.

Robotic production technology Docking station

To use in this concept are often:

  • Engraving spindles
  • Machining spindles
  • Welding technology
  • Cutting technology (laser, waterjet)
  • Grinding technique
  • Cleaning technology
  • Lubrication technology
  • and many more

Advantages of the system:

  • completely new production processes - we will first cut threads into sheet metal and then cut at the same workplace
  • robotization of piece (small series) production - we do not need several workplaces for several operations, one robot is enough and we place all technologies next to it
  • saves handling of products - with regard to the possibility of concentrating more technologies to one workplace, in such a case we also save handling, transport and storage of parts between individual operations.
  • robotization of steps that would have been unprofitable before - a lot of operations are not robotized, because it simply does not pay off. However, if it is connected to an existing workplace using our docking system, the return may already be acceptable - these are standard control mechanisms, etc.


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